The internet has become such an integral part of all our lives that we rarely stop to think of how things were before the world wide web launched back in 1991. 

In the early years after its launch, connections were rare in the Arab world. So if you're a 90s child, we bet you'll remember what life was like pre-net. 

Just in case your memory needs a bit of refreshing, let's take a trip down our simple old internet-less lives in the Arab region: 

1. When you felt like listening to music

No streaming, no music apps, no nothing. Just a library full of cassette tapes.

2. When you needed to get a quick message or photo through

Post offices, papers, envelopes, and wax stamps ... that's how you got it through. 

3. When you wanted to DM someone

Yep, pretty much. 

4. When you needed to find a contact

It wasn't as simple as a quick Google search. You needed an entire number book. 

5. When you wanted to block someone

Don't we all wish things were this simple nowadays? 

6. When you wanted to send over a song

Back when "share link" didn't exist. 

7. When you felt like playing games

Online games who? This is all we had before the internet came to life. 

8. When you needed to "Google" something

Back when pulling out an encyclopedia was all the rage. 

9. When you hosted a movie night at home

Before Netflix and the online streaming age, all we had were the good ol' VHS tapes. 

10. When there were no WhatsApp groups

We created our own. 

11. When you couldn't figure out who's online

Just a quick peep out of the window or balcony would do it.