On Sunday, Pornhub sent its fans into a total meltdown ... after claiming Israel is the "land of hummus."

"Hello, I am on my way to Israel. Land of hummus. I will begin a hummus tasting tour," Pornhub Aria wrote in a tweet.

The account gave credit to Israel - a country whose legitimacy has been criticized on multiple occasions - for being home of a favorite mezza in the Arab world.

The internet started with FACTS

*Caps-lock mode on*

"Land of hummus and apartheid"

"Israel doesn't exist"

#BoycottPornhub soon followed

People were just done with it

"Shame on you (Pornhub) for such statements"

Some began looking for alternatives ...

To make a statement

More than one person, actually

"If Arabs boycott Pornhub, they will lose their market value within 2 days"

"Pornhub is cancelled"

"The only thing in this entire universe that I thought won't let me down"

And then there were those who were left speechless