To many women across the Arab world, polygamy is socially and culturally unacceptable, but it doesn't seem to be for the three Saudi wives married to the same man. 

The women and their children decided to collectively gift their polygamous husband, Khalid Ibrahim Al Mutairi, two cars to celebrate his retirement. 

News of their gesture broke on Saudi Twitter after an image of the two cars was uploaded on the platform over the weekend. 

A few hours later, the picture went viral, sparking a meltdown like no other. 

"A gift to our dear husband"

Both cars had banners on them which read: 

"A gift to our dear husband, Khaled Ibrahim Al Mutairi, on the occasion of his retirement. From Om Abdul Aziz and her daughters, Om Abdul Rahman and her daughters, Om Noura and her daughters." 

The news broke Saudi Twitter

While many tweets saw nothing wrong with the gesture, others who are completely against polygamy, were just having none of it. 

Here's a little of what Saudi tweeps had to say: 

Some seemed to be quite fond of the gift

"This news is cute."


Others just couldn't even with it though

"Are they serious or what?"

"Oh my, this is such a nightmare"

Many just didn't get it


Saudi women savagely reacted to the news

"A gift? Why, because he's such a good man? May he ride a bike."

And their responses were hilarious

"I'd give him sand in his face." 

"Oh these poor women"

"Malat 3aleihom"

"People who love to encourage polygamy"

"I wish they would properly bring up their children, provide them with education, and a good life first."