On Friday, Austrian police raided a Lego store in Vienna after someone filed a complaint against a woman wearing a red Lego Ninja, citing a violation of the new ban on face coverings. 

Earlier this month, Austria enforced a burqa ban - prohibiting Muslim women from wearing the face-veil, in addition to putting other restrictions on face coverings. 

The ban has already seen a man in a shark suit get in trouble ... but it hasn't stopped there. The latest victim of the ban is a woman who decided to dress up as a Lego Ninja in a toy store. 

However, after the police arrived at the store, they decided to let the woman go. She was not fined as the police said the "concealment of the face was within the scope of professional occupation," according to USA Today.

The law is part of a wider legislation

Austria's decision to ban the burqa is part of a wider plan to "integrate migrants", which requires them to sign up for classes to learn the German language

The President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, opposed the law, saying "it is every woman’s right to always dress how she wants".

Bellen - a left-wing politician, and former leader of the Green Party - has fought against the rise of Islamophobia in Europe several times before. In April, he called on all women to wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslims.

Islamophobic comments soon followed

Others fought the rhetoric with jokes

"I'm just doing ninja stuff now"

Earlier this month, a man got fined for wearing a shark suit ...

Earlier this month, a man dressed in a shark suit received a $171 fine after refusing to remove his shark head, which he wore to promote a new outlet of the McShark electronics store in Vienna. 

The incident came just days after Austria followed in the footsteps of France, Belgium, and many other European countries, enforcing a burqa ban which prohibits Muslim women from wearing the outer garment used to cover themselves.

The burqa ban, which went into effect on October 1, currently affects just 150 women in the country. 

However, the new legislation doesn't just ban the face veil worn by Muslim women, but all face coverings, with a few exceptions.