Prince William just wrapped up a four-day royal tour of two Gulf countries, Kuwait and Oman. 

The Duke of Cambridge's itinerary was packed with meetings, visits and sightseeing excursions during which he got to experience a few aspects of Khaleeji culture. 

This is the first time the royal visits both countries and from the looks of it, he had a pretty good time. Here's a closer look at what the royal was up to during this trip: 

1. He visited a nature reserve in Kuwait

Prince William arrived in Kuwait on Sunday night and was welcomed by the Minister of the Royal Palace Affairs, Sheikh Ali al-Jarrah al-Sabah.

He kick-started the next day at the Jahra Nature Reserve where he "learned more about Kuwait's ambitious plans to protect its natural environment from human and environmental challenges." 

The tour saw the Duke join local scientists and field workers as they discussed their plans to protect the reserve's natural environment. 

2. Then headed to an impressive museum in the city

Kuwait's Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre has become a must-visit attraction in the country, so it shouldn't come off as a surprise that the prince made a stop there. 

Prince William toured the museum and saw how it is engaging young Kuwaitis in fields like space exploration, robotics, natural history, and human biology.

The Duke put his athleticism on display and joined a basketball game taking place in the center.

3. It wouldn't have been complete without a camping trip

It seems as though Prince William really knows how to immerse himself in another culture so much so that he tried to camp like a local in Kuwait's beautiful desert areas.

The royal hung out with the country's Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah and many young locals at an event that saw him experience pit cooking, local crafting, falconry, and traditional Kuwaiti music. 

4. The Prince visited military personnel in both Oman and Kuwait

Before wrapping up his visit to Kuwait, the royal visited some of the country's military personnel who are training with UK troops. 

He then moved on to Oman, where he received an official welcome. His first stop there was at the nation's Royal Navy. He visited the country's leader Sultan Qaboos bin Said and several other state officials that day as well. 

5. Omani fishermen got a surprise royal visit

During his stay in Oman, Prince William joined local fishermen and listened to them talk about the sustainability challenges they're facing and what they are doing to conserve the country's marine life.

He then passed by the Omani Marine Science Centre where he met with scientists collaborating with organizations in the UK and learned more about how his country is supporting "aquaculture and fisheries to become more sustainable, particularly in the face of climate change."

6. The Duke visited a mountainous Omani village

The royal made a stop at the mountain village of Suwaih near Wadi al Arbaeen and got quite the welcome from locals. A dance troupe also put on a traditional performance for him.  

The Duke got the chance to meet some locals, including children. 

7. Clapping like a local in Oman's mountains

After visiting Suwaih village, the prince joined a group of young Omanis who were taking part in a training exercise at Wadi al Arbaeen.

The event was hosted by Outward Bound, an organization that was launched in Wales in 1941 to "equip young people with important life skills through learning and adventures in the wild." A branch of it was established in Oman in 2009. 

With that, the Duke concluded his Gulf royal tour and headed back home to the UK.