While the 2017 annual Islamic pilgrimage has ended, it seems as though beautiful stories, videos, and photos from this year's Hajj are endless. 

There is one recent photo in particular that has drawn a different reaction from the public in the past few days. 

During Eid Al-Adha, a photo of a niqab-wearing woman providing shade to a man in the holy city began making the rounds online. 

The photo - taken by Saudi photographer Raeid Allehyani - was originally shared via Twitter by Allehyani on Sept. 2 with a caption that reads

"He used to call her the moon, so she eclipsed the sun for him." 

His tweet garnered over 10,000 re-tweets at the time of writing. 

The photo ultimately went viral after Twitter user @mohdahmedmemon - a Muslim account preaching Islam - shared it to the social media platform.

"Today in Makkah a wife hides her husband from sun. One of the most beautiful images recently taken [sic]," he wrote.

His tweet, which was shared publicly on Sept. 3, has received over 28,000 re-tweets and over 22,000 favorites at the time of writing.

The photo has drawn mixed reactions from the public. Many referred to it as a genuine act of love, while others believed it to be a true depiction of misogyny. 

Thousands of likes "for the guy who thinks a woman dressed in black acting as a sun umbrella for her husband is beautiful"

A very strange definition of "beautiful" ... no?

Quite "alarming" really

"One of the reasons I am a feminist"

Thousands of people are actually idealizing the photo

Describing it as #RelationshipGoals

Calling the photo "lovely"

Question: Beauty or coercion?

Being described as "one of the most beautiful photos taken during Hajj 2017"

The praying man in the photo got in touch with Allehyani

Fahed, the praying man in the photo: "About the photo that went viral on Twitter, thank you for this photo... That's me and the family." 

This photo has also been making the rounds, but hasn't gone viral. Why?