Whether the credit goes to movies or real life events, the verdict remains the same... Egyptians are the funniest amongst Arabs.

As they proudly hold this title dear to their hearts, a recent hashtag wants to prove that it's not the only honorary title they have.

No, not only are they popular for their humor, Egyptian men are the most handsome men in the Arab world... or at least that's what the viral hashtag المصري_اجمل_رجال_العرب# (The Egyptian Man is the Most Handsome Amongst Arab Men) wants you to think.

The funny hashtag stirred controversy on social media and invited Egyptian women to join for a session of heavy savagery and trolling. 

Look at how the party went down: 

Egyptian men simply agreed

"We don't need a hashtag to prove it."

While Egyptian women hilariously trolled the thread

"No hope."

"Say what?"

Perplexed looks made an appearance

"How most of us looked like once we saw the hashtag."

A search party for the hashtag creator was launched

"Has anyone found the handsome Egyptian man they are talking about?"

Egyptian women have a special place for the creator

They want to send them to Abbasiya... where the mental health hospital is.

Whoever did this is wanted dead or alive

"Send over the creator of the hashtag."

Threats were out there, too

"Egyptian men when threatening they will marry a Syrian, Lebanese, or Russian woman because Egyptian women are not good looking."

Egyptian women be like

"We're not really bothered by this thread, we just want to see the proof of such claim." 

We can't help but picture Henedy going like

"Yes, Egyptian men are the most handsome in the Arab world and I am Angelina Jolie." 

Ego skyrocketed

"Man: I'll finish eating first then it's your turn to eat. 

Woman: What?

Man: Why are you so surprised? You're lucky you're married to the most handsome man among Arabs!" 

Too high

"Ya Zeinab, you have to take care of yourself more. You're married to one of the most handsome men in the Arab world."

Show-offs were there

"Egyptian men while watching the thread."

Arabs enjoyed watching how things played down

Facts would've been better

"It would have been much more realistic if the thread was about sense of humor instead of beauty."

Arabs got the back of Egyptian men though

"I was brought to life by an Egyptian doctor. I was taught by an Egyptian teacher. And I went to university and my professor was Egyptian." 

Egyptian men are humbled by the love and support

Proof, though very few, were finally given

"If this is not beauty we don't know what is."