On October 25, Emirates Airlines marked the 32nd anniversary since its first flight in 1985.  

In 32 years, Emirates has grown to become the Gulf's largest carrier, sponsoring some of the biggest sports teams and leading the world of aviation with first-class technology and innovation

Over the decades, the airline has pushed its limits. It has gone from operating just three flights with four lease aircraft to a fleet of 256 aircraft and 152 global destinations. 

To mark its progress over the years, the Dubai-based carrier asked its followers on social media to share their first time Emirates experiences. And, the results are pure nostalgia.  

All the way back to "1987"


"More than 23 years ago"

"My first flight was 1995"

Another in "1995 to Paris"

"1995 when smoking was still allowed"

Then came "1997 to Kuala Lumpur"

"1999 ... for the job interview that saw me spend the next 16 years in the UAE"

"1999 ... haven't flown anything else ever since"

"2000 ... and it's the reason I became an airline pilot"


"May 2002"

"First flight was in 2006 ... I remember the flight was 2 hours late, but the service was amazing"

"2008 ... when I was going to Dubai for the first time"

Some more recent than others: "My first flight was with you in 2013"

"2014 for our daughter's 18th birthday"

"2015 and it was the best flight I ever had"

"It changed my life ... quit my job and started my own company"

"2016 on our way to the Maldives for our honeymoon"

"2017" ... for yet another honeymoon

Some still haven't experienced it yet ... and are beyond excited!