A few days ago, the United Arab Emirates announced its plans to build the first-ever city on Mars ... in about 100 years. 

Following the news, people on Reddit started imagining what life on the red planet would look like, especially life in the "United Martian Emirates".

Here's a snippet: 

Jumeirah Beach Residence turns into Jumeirah Crater Residence

A 100 step process will be required for expats applying for the MARS visa

You will not be able to rely on taxis to get you to your destination

"Dubai Mall has extended so much you can actually walk to Mars"

"DEWA becomes DEWAA and charges for air"

Currently, DEWA stands for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. But, in Mars, it'll have an extra "A" at the end, because "air" is a necessity.

"Pizza delivery would take two years because you picked the wrong emirate from the drop down menu"

"Premium Wasta Facilities" will be introduced

And of course ... Space Desert Safaris will become the TOP touristic activity

The Mars 2117 project is part of a 10-year national program that prioritizes scientific breakthroughs, like the renowned Mars Mission. 

Last year, the country set up the Emirates Mars Mission which plans to send a spacecraft to explore Mars in 2020. The journey is expected to take seven months.