The United Arab Emirates, 48, is looking for a new identity to help it represent itself to the world during the upcoming 50 years. Asking for global support, the country proposed three logos for people to choose from. For every vote, the government promised a tree would be planted.

Under the title "UAE Nation Brand," the campaign inciting people to vote launched on Dec. 18 and ended on the last day of the month. Voters spanned 185 countries and gathered 10.6 million influential views to ultimately make one logo the winner. 

Since with every vote a tree seed is planted, Indonesia's Numfoor Island and Nepal's Amaltari area will be gifted over 10 million trees to help boost both countries' biodiversity. 

The UAE is certainly starting 2020 with a green step. 

A look at the three logo finalists

First logo

"Emirates in Calligraphy"

The logo depicts the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy that reflects authenticity and originality associated with the UAE.

Second logo

"The Palm"

Symbolizing the willpower of the leaders and people of UAE, palm trees have withstood storms and challenges with strength and firmness.

Third logo

"7 Lines"

Seven lines, shaping the map of the Emirates with the flag colors, represent the future-focused leaders of the seven emirates united towards the country's growth.

The purpose behind this campaign, set in motion by Dubai's Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Nov. 2, is to unify the image the UAE will have while advertising itself via any medium to the world. 

"Through reflecting the unique identity of the UAE, the new national brand aims to promote the exceptional and unique features that sets the Emirates apart as a cosmopolitan country and melting pot of cultures," reads the campaign's website

To be in line with the patriotic theme, 49 Emirati artists and designers were handpicked to draft what could become the UAE's optimum logo. 

The winner logo will be announced soon. 

The UAE announced last month its serious efforts towards planning the country's next 50 years. The Gulf nation will focus on a knowledge-based economy in 2020 - depending greatly on knowledge, information, and high skill levels - rather than an oil-based one. And so the new logo will help set the UAE's plans right on track, with a fresh identity to attract the world's attention.