A little less than a month after Fairouz made a much-awaited comeback with "Lameen" - a song from her soon to be released album "Bebalee", the Lebanese icon dropped a second single late on Thursday. 

Titled "Yemken," the new song is an Arabic adaptation of John Lennon's "Imagine." 

Its lyrics were adapted by the singer's very own daughter, Reema Rahbany, who is producing her mother's entire comeback record.

Mixed reactions on social media

A few hours after the song was shared online, many took to social media platforms expressing their thoughts on it.

While some seem to have enjoyed the song, others shared harsh critiques. 

Some even launched a social media attack on Reema Rahbany, accusing her of ruining her mother's legacy, something that didn't go down too well with thousands of fans.

Many people loved the latest release...

"I can't get enough of it." 

"Fairouz is a shining beacon of hope in a region plagued with darkness"

Others not so much...

"John Lennon's composition deserves better lyrics... Fairouz deserves original compositions... Reema needs to take a break." 

Many criticized Reema Rahbany

"Still trying to figure out what Reema Rahbani was thinking when she decided Fairouz needs to sing an adaptation of a John Lennon song." 

And accused her of ruining her mother's legacy

There were many Ziad comparisons

"When you have Ziad, you don't need to borrow a composition."  

Some shared very harsh words...

"Rima Rahbani is exploiting people's love for Fairouz."  

And this didn't go down too well with many on social media

"You're free not to like a Fairouz song, but to use offensive words or labels against her or anyone else is simply unacceptable." 

"I understand that some people dislike Reema Rahbani's lyrics but Fairouz must be excluded from any backlash."