In the past couple of days, people have been sharing why they love being Arab under the hashtag #ILoveBeingArab on Twitter. 

The hashtag is comprised of a number of different tweets ... from the numerous selfies with the Snapchat dog filter to the showcasing of delicious Arab food. 

Taking a closer look at the posts, one can't help but notice Arab's obsession with FOOD - which we all know too well. 

1. Life without knafeh is not life

2. From the sweet to the savory, there's something for everyone

3. Wara2 enab and koussa to the rescue, ALWAYS

4. I dare you not to salivate while watching this

5. It starts with tabbouleh ... and ends with knafeh

6. When it comes to food, make sure you always thank your mom

7. Especially when it's koussa mahshi being served!

8. We can all agree that nothing beats Arab food

9. Qatayef make your heart complete

10. OK, some have had it with the food. Other perks shouldn't go unnoticed

11. Thick natural eyebrows for the win!

12. We're all born with an innate skill to throw shahhatas

13. Dabke, shawarma, music, poetry, knafeh, falafel ... and our weddings of course!