The countdown to Ramadan has officially begun! In less than 7 days, we will once again experience what it's like being a "vampire" - as in staying up all night and sleeping through most of the day.

As for those of us who have day jobs, well ... we basically turn into zombies. 

But with good prepping, Ramadan could be slightly easier on your mental and physical well-being.

Some people have already started sharing some pointers in an effort to ease up the process. 

A wise man once said: You "shouldn't enter a marathon without some level of training"

So avoid the pre-fasting state of binging, no matter how tempted you are

Prepare samosas ... because Ramadan is just not complete without them

It will be a long month so better stock up

And don't forget to taste test

Unfollow everything food related ... unless you like a challenge

On a more serious note, replace coffee with water

Keep a list of "hydrating foods" to have during suhoor

Get your Quran reading schedule going

Make a list of energy-boosters before going grocery shopping

Superfoods are essential during Ramadan and your suhoor should almost always include fruits or veggies. Always be sure to choose foods that will keep you hydrated and energized throughout the day.

Here's a list just in case you need a bit of guidance.