Just one week after cancelling what has been described as a "homophobic event" that was set to feature two speakers who strongly oppose homosexuality and promote "conversion therapy," the Insight student club at AUB sparked controversy again with a video they posted to their Facebook page on Thursday.

The video sends the message that people should not be ashamed of  conservative values, including making the choice not to hold hands with the opposite sex.

It is a right to hold conservative values and sharing them is not what caused the controversy here.

So what did? 

The video's biased portrayal of women, which depicts them as predators who force themselves on men.  

It is mainly this portrayal that sparked controversy on social media soon after the video was shared, with many labeling it "sexist, misogynistic and regressive."

Many labelled the video "sexist"

While others were outraged

Some had questions for AUB

Others just couldn't

"I don't get it. Are Karim's hands dirty? Make another video, teaching him how to wash his hands."  

Some were slightly confused

A few supported the video

Others defended it, arguing this

And some did away with comments and responded with a video of their own