If you're living in Lebanon, you know how annoying it is to watch artists travel the world... and not land in Beirut.

Coldplay being the top on this list, many have started a Twitter hashtag to get the band to come to Lebanon. It started trending Friday morning. And oh man, it would be a dream come true to all of us Coldplay fanatics, wouldn't it?

People are just begging for the band to come...

Like really begging

Like taking begging to another level begging

Because is it really too much to ask for?

Some are giving their two cents on how to get the band to perform in Lebanon

While others are still just begging

And we all understand. It would make all our lives better!

Because Coldplay + Lebanon = Match Made In Heaven

And no matter how unlikely it is to happen through a hashtag there's nothing wrong with trying to get #ColdplayToLebanon

Because their songs just understand life and you.

Making you cry sometimes...

OK most of the time

Fine all the time.

But come on, they bring a smile to your face regardless!

And get your mood UP!