In the past couple days, we've all seen the news regarding the controversial burkini ban that certain French towns have put in place, with concerns about "religious clothing in the wake of recent terrorist killings in the country," according to The Guardian .

In more recent news, four armed French policemen approached a woman on a beach in Nice, reportedly forcing the woman to remove the piece of clothing. Photographs of the incident have been circulating the web since.

"I was sitting on a beach with my family," said Siam, the 34-year old who is being identified by her first name only, according to The Guardian .

"I was wearing a classic headscarf. I had no intention of swimming," she added.

The photographs have since gone viral, with many coming to the woman's (and women in general) defense. The hashtag #BurkiniBan has been trending. Here's what people have to say:

Many are pointing fingers at France...

And using logic to combat the ban

While pointing out other religious clothing that doesn't seem to be a problem

Some people are pointing fingers at other countries too

This image perfectly explains it all

And if you disagree...

Because since when is wearing clothes a crime?

It really is a shame