Lindsay Lohan's Arabic accent broke the Internet a couple months back ... and now some suspicious behavior on her social media accounts have led people to believe she's converted to Islam. 

Lohan wiped her Instagram and Twitter accounts clean over the weekend, with a typically Islamic greeting "Alaikum Salam" (Peace be unto you as well), as part of her bio on Instagram. 

Media outlets began speculating that she'd already converted, without any confirmation from Lohan's representatives.  

According to Lohan's mother, the actress is only "taking a break from social media," Gossip Cop reported. 

"She has not converted [to Islam]," Lohan's rep. reiterated

Lohan has said that she is studying both Arabic and the Quran, but that doesn't mean she's converted ... yet. 

And the Mabrooks poured in

"Al hamdullilah"

Would the Hollywood actress be part of Trump's proposed Muslim ban?

"Subhan allah"

Sarcasm was not in short supply

"Welcome to Islam sis"

Others began welcoming "Lindsay No-ham"

The photograph of Lohan in a headscarf was taken during a visit to refugee camps in Turkey in 2016. 

One volunteer at the camp going by the name Azize gifted her a scarf after Lohan had complimented her on her hijab.