Mashups are tricky for any artist, especially when they involve blending two completely different musical styles. That's why when they work, they are utter perfection.

That certainly seems to be the case for Palestinian artist Noel Kharman with her flawless mashup of Adele's mega hit 'Hello' and iconic Lebanese singer Fairouz' 'Kifak Enta', and the Internet agrees.

The perfect blend of Adele's songwriting genius, Fairouz' calming Oriental tunes and Kharman's flawless vocals caused the mashup to go viral on social media after it was posted Friday, getting more than 600,000 views in three days.

The talented 17-year-old started her YouTube channel less than a month ago and she already has more than 10,000 subscribers and more than 100,000 channel views on her three videos, which include a beautiful cover of Sam Smith's Bond hit "Writing's on the Wall " and a stunning cover of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams."

However, Kharman has been singing for most of her life as she started performing at local festivals in Palestine when she was 10, according to her official Facebook page .

The singer can sing in multiple languages and in multiple musical styles including classical and opera. She released her first song titled "Omy" three years ago and she has also released a Christmas carols album that was locally successful.

With talent like that, we have a feeling that Kharman has a long and promising career ahead of her.