The Palestinian state is now recognized by Apple.

Apple unveiled new features for its operating system this weekend at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), revealing that iOS 9 will include the Palestinian flag.

The Palestinian flag, as well as the flags of 166 other countries, is currently available on iOS 8.3 but is not displayed on the keyboard.

The latest emoji update is considered a "light update" as it won't have as many new features as iOS 8, which added new skin tones and inclusive family structures.

The quiet addition of the Palestinian flag is not the first time that Apple has made its feelings about the Palestinian state public. In September 2012, the firm no longer presented Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. However, it soon back down on that decision after Israel pressured the tech company.

We'll see if the Palestinian flag makes it into the final version of iOS 9, but here's to hoping that it does.