A song that's heavily critical of Ramadan's drama series has gathered around 275,000 views on YouTube since its release less than two weeks ago.

The song, which is written and sung by Qassem Najjar, points out a number of mistakes by directors, and claims that none of the series addresses the most important issues happening in the region.

The Palestinian criticizes the Egyptian series "Jewish Quarter" for what he claims as their message of coexistence with the Israelis, pointing out to the praise it received on June 19 from the Israeli Embassy in Egypt, which wrote on Facebook and Twitter that the series "represents, for the first time, Jewish people in their real, humane nature, as human beings before anything else, and we bless this work."

This is despite the fact that the head of Egypt’s Jewish community, Magda Haroun, later criticized the series for its "historical inaccuracies" in a Facebook post.

The song, titled "Shelling of Arab Drama," also points out some mistakes in the seventh installment of Syrian series "Bab El Hara" and criticizes "Cello," claiming that it excuses extramarital affairs and encourages submission to the demands of wealthy people.

Najjar also takes a swipe at TV programs such as "Wakel El Gaw" and laments what he sees as Arabs squandering their money on producing shows that ignore their real social problems.