While the world has been watching the escalating clashes in Palestine, Palestinian gaming company PinchPoint Inc. recently released a new mobile game, Billiards Shoot Master.

"The challenges we face as a company, include instability of the political situation in the last few months which limited the ability of some team members who live outside Ramallah to move, and prevented them from coming to work," Khaled Abu Al Kheir, Cofounder and CEO of PinchPoint, told StepFeed.

"Other challenges that are not related to the latest development, are the shortage of talent in our field, and restrictions on bringing in talent and experienced personnel from abroad."

However, despite the difficulties, PinchPoint was able to release yet another game. While another billiards game may initially seem cliche, Abu Al Kheir explains that PinchPoint's newest project is much more than you'd expect.

"Unlike 8 Pool, where the player is presented with a full set of balls and her or his goal is to score all the balls, in Billiards Shoot Master, the player is presented with a certain arrangement of a few balls in each level and her or his goal is to score the balls with the minimum number of hits. All levels are designed in a way that enables the player to score all the balls in one shot."

He added, "Because of that, the emphasis in our game was on realistic physics and fine control, which we believe better simulates these aspects than other pool games, and give the player higher control and accuracy on her or his shots."

Located in Ramallah, PinchPoint was first established in June 2013 and was registered by November 2014. The company received seed funding in January 2014 and its first equity investment in March of this year.

Talking about the Middle East and North African gaming market more broadly, Abu Al Kheir sees it as a challenging but developing one.

"[It] is a big market in terms of players, but it is not a prime gaming market yet, monitizing games in MENA is challenging for many reasons," he said.

"But still, it is interesting because we believe that in three to five years it will be a prime market, as many of the problems are being solved, and we aim that by then PinchPoint will be the game publisher for the region by then."

You can find links to download Billiards Shooter Master and other games from PinchPoint by visiting the company's website.