In a defiant move that comes in response to the Israeli Knesset's preliminary approval of the “Muezzin bill," which seeks to impose limits on the Muslim call to prayer in occupied East Jerusalem, Palestinians in the neighborhood of Issawiya inaugurated what is now being described as the highest minaret in the city on Friday, Ma'an News reported.   

The minaret is said to be seventy three meters high, and cost around 28 thousand dollars to construct, according to Middle East Monitor.

It was also said that the construction was funded by donations from Issawiya residents.

Even though the "Muezzin bill" has to go through further readings before becoming a law, the initial backing of it has caused outrage among Palestinians, who took to the streets in protest.

Sending a clear message

The minaret sends a clear message to Israeli authorities that calls to prayer will not be silenced in Palestine.  

On Saturday, Muhammad Abu al-Hummus, a member of Issawiyya's local committee said, "minarets won't be silenced and the adhan (call to prayer) will continue to ring out in Palestinian villages and cities," according to Ma'an News.  

The sound of the adhan that comes from the mosque's old minaret has become dull over time due to increased construction in the neighborhood, he added.

Palestinians continue to speak up against the bill that has been labelled a clear violation of religious freedom.