To say that Khalil Azar has a passion for photography and astronomy would be an understatement. Combining both hobbies into one, through his awe-inspiring astrophotography images, Azar highlights the beauty of the Universe and Lebanon's night sky in an altogether breathtaking manner.

"I got confronted with what seemed to be a complex sky, and I found my camera pointing up the whole time," Azar told StepFeed. "I used my technical background in engineering to dive deep in the technicalities of astrophotography four years back, and launched BeirutVersus a year ago to harbor that."

Through his personal social media channels, and his public BeirutVersus community page on Facebook, Azar shares his images, often accompanied by brief bits of information or subtle words of wisdom. He has also launched workshops for those who are interested in developing their own astrophotography skills.

"Every subject in the night sky relates to people around me, the events that are happening, the result is a weave of characters, fights, thrills, emotions, life-events that gets mashed up and forever-associated with the mythology of space," Azar said.

Here are some of his most incredible images

A Perseid meteor over Zahleh

Azar shows Lebanon's natural beauty against the backdrop of an incredible night sky

The photos have masterful composition

And capture moments of utter beauty

The images are also informative

And have some of the most visually elusive elements of our universe

If you're interested in taking part in one of Azar's workshops, you can contact him through his Facebook page .

Azar's next workshop will be held on Sept. 29.