1. The size of our Lebanese pounds

A4 paper anyone?

2. And our enormous driver's license

A valid question guys!

3. Not to forget, a super outdated photo on your ‘hawiyeh’

But, how can the police identify someone with such an outdated photo?

4. The existence of traffic lights ... that are never put to use

Yellow light means slow down. In Lebanon, it means "Let's race"

5. Because who needs traffic lights when you have policemen?

Chaos. Chaos. Chaos.

6. How about the inefficiency of the Lebanese passport?

& then getting weird marriage proposals because someone found out you hold a foreign passport.

7. Where B replaces P on public signs

OK, OK. The letter "P" doesn't exist in Arabic but these are English words!

8. Hitting on people happens on the back of trucks

Keeping you entertained in traffic.

9. As does spreading words of wisdom

10. Gotta admit, it sometimes makes you smile, doesn't it?

11. Or burns your eyes because you're evil...

12. Anything can get a license plate

13. And anyone can get a driver's license

Just go out and buy one.

14. And graffiti is more than just an art

Because who says mainstream is the right way?

15. Not to mention the on-going power cuts

16. And the confusing street signs...

17. Because driving in the country kind of has no rules

18. Which kind of forces you to master the art of driving

19. Cars are used not only for people but for furniture among other things...

And they say we're not efficient.

20. And sidewalks are used for anything but walking

21. Raw meat is so important that it takes up a whole section in menus sometimes


22. Famous for taking something Western & making it our own

Because we love being creative.

23. The unfortunate "bus stop" system

Want to take a bus? Just wait right where you are standing...it will come to you, just have faith.

24. No matter what, we'll always #livelovelebanon

25. Because our cedars are beyond amazing!

26. And views like this exists nowhere else...

27. Nothing ever stops us from having a good time

28. And getting our daily dose of beauty sleep is a must

29. Or not

30. Especially after a long exhausting day "walking" your dog

31. Leading to one & only one thing...awesome food!