The rainfall and severe flash floods affecting the UAE intensified on Tuesday, leaving at least one person dead. 

The rain showers were so heavy that house walls collapsed on residents in some areas. This includes the UAE's Al Fahleem, where an African domestic worker tragically lost her life due to the collapse of a wall in her residence. 

The city is one of the areas that have been terribly affected by this week's storm, according to Major-General Ali Abdullah bin Alwan Al Nuaimi, Commander of the RAK Police. 

An Asian worker also went missing amid the floods in nearby Wadi Shaam and search operations were launched in a bid to find him. 

Al Nuaimi stressed that police and rescue teams are working in full force to ensure that all emergencies are attended to. 

"The RAK police are deploying 87 patrols across the emirate. These patrols are stationed at all the squares and roads of the emirate to enhance the response time as much as possible," he explained

The major general said local police issued 16 warning alarms in Arabic, English, and Urdu on the weather conditions on their social media accounts. They also blocked several roads that are flooded with water to reduce risks of traffic incidents. 

Houses and apartment blocks have been heavily affected by the floods in the past few days. Residents across the country have since been advised to get home insurance to ensure that any damages their homes might sustain in the future can be covered. 

An unprecedented storm in the UAE

Authorities confirmed that around 120 families were rescued from mountains and valleys cut off by flood waters amid the ongoing storm. 

Experts say the Gulf nation hasn't seen such a severe weather phenomenon and non-stop rainfall in 24 years. The unstable weather conditions - which are set to continue until Wednesday - led to the delay and cancelation of several flights that were scheduled to take wing to and from the Dubai International Airport. 

The storm flooded several local schools, causing them to close and postpone exams. It also led to a major spike in car accidents with over 1,900 recorded since last Thursday.