Footage capturing a nurse abusing an infant while feeding her in Saudi Arabia's Abu Arish General Hospital led authorities to immediately fire her, Sabq news site reported

This came shortly after the video circulated on Saudi Twitter, provoking anger among many who called on authorities to take legal action against the medical worker.

In the footage, the woman can be seen shoving the newborn and shaking her around while feeding her a bottle in the hospital's nursery. People waiting outside the ward shot the video after they spotted the nurse mistreating the child.

*The video of the incident is available online but we chose not to share it in line with our ethical standards.

Jazan's health authority took immediate action...

While it remains unclear when the footage was shot, it has now led to the firing of the worker accused of abusing the child.  

Speaking to Sabq, Jazan health officials said the hospital involved in the incident immediately suspended the nurse, investigated her actions, and then decided to fire her.

They also added that her actions were completely unacceptable and put the newborn's life in danger.

The footage shocked Saudi tweeps...

"Those supposed to protect these angels are abusing them. They're at a tender age where they need us most." 

And left some completely gutted

Many thought the woman's punishment wasn't quite enough...

"It isn't enough to suspend her, she must be jailed and publicly shamed over this." 

Others thought of ways to prevent similar incidents from recurring in the future...

"Why don't they install security cameras in these nurseries, ones that can be monitored by hospital security and ward managers?" 

Not the first case of infant abuse reported this year...

Source: Wikimedia

Earlier this year, Saudi authorities in Al Taif governorate suspended several nurses who abused a newborn in a hospital ward for infants.

The news came hours after footage capturing a nurse and her friends assaulting the infant went viral on Twitter, sparking outrage among users.

At the time, officials immediately responded, launching an investigation into the incident.