Everyone knows Lebanon has a sectarian system – the president must be Christian, the prime minister Sunni and the speaker of Parliament Shiite – but nothing is ever even that simple in Lebanon. Did you know we actually have 18 official sects – with seats in Parliament reserved for almost all of them?

In addition to the Shiite and Sunni sects, there are two other Muslim sects, while Christians have 12 different sects that are officially recognized by the government.

1. Shiites

Concentrated in southern Lebanon, northern and western parts of Beqaa, and Beirut's southern suburbs.

Shiites have 27 reserved seats in Parliament; the only sect eligible for speaker of the Parliament.

2. Sunnis

Concentrated in West Beirut, Tripoli, Sidon and Akkar countryside.

Sunnis have 27 reserved seats in Parliament; the only sect eligible for prime minister.

3. Alawites

Concentrated in the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood in Tripoli and in 15 villages in Akkar.

Alawites have 2 reserved seats in Parliament.

4. Ismaili [Sevener] Shiites

Unlike the main body of Shiites, which accept Musa as the 7th Imam, the Ismailis recognize his brother, Ismail, instead.

5. Maronites

The largest Christian group in Lebanon, concentrated in north Beirut, northern part of Mount Lebanon, southern part of North Governorate and South Governorate.

Maronites have 34 reserved seats in Parliament; the only sect eligible for the presidency.

6. Greek Orthodox

The second largest Christian sect in Lebanon with a majority Greek Orthodox population in areas such as Ashrafieh, Douma, Dhour El Choueir, Mansourieh & Anfeh.

Greek Orthodox have 14 reserved seats in Parliament; the only sect eligible for deputy speaker of Parliament and deputy prime minister.

7. Greek Catholics

Greek Catholics are concentrated in central and eastern parts of the country including Beirut, Zahle, and the suburbs of Sidon.

8. Armenian Orthodox

Armenian Orthodox are concentrated in many areas across Lebanon, particularly Bourj Hammoud, Fanar, Jdeide, Zalka, Jal El Dib, Antelias and more .

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Armenian Orthodox have 5 reserved seats in Parliament.

9. Armenian Catholics

Armenian Catholics have 1 reserved seat in Parliament.

10. Syriac Orthodox

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11. Syriac Catholics

12. Nestorians Assyrians

13. Chaldeans

14. Copts

15. Latins(Roman Catholic)

All together, the minority Christians from number 10 to number 15 ... have 1 shared seat in Parliament.

16. Evangelicals

Including Protestant groups such as Baptists and Seventh-day Adventists.

Evangelicals have 1 reserved seat in Parliament.

17. Druze

Concentrated in the mountainous areas east & south of Beirut, including villages such as Falougha, Beit Mery, Brummana & many others.

Druze have 8 reserved seats in Parliament.

18. Judaism

Traditionally centered around the synagogue in Beirut's Wadi Abu Jamil neighborhood, Lebanon's Jewish community has dwindled down to at most a few hundred members.