We all have different dreams and goals in life but Arab parents share a universal one pertaining to their kids. From the moment their kids are brought into this world, they force-feed them the idea that only certain career options are valid. This conditioning intensifies over the years and manifests when these children start applying to universities. 

Arab parents live to see their kids study medicine, law or engineering ... so they could take up jobs like doctor, lawyer or engineer as adults. So what happens when kids don't actually fulfill their parent's dreams but actually follow their own? Lectures of shame at every chance they get. 

The "flight attendant" meme, initiated by Laura Gao, a product manager at Twitter, highlights the career shame game that happens by imagining a very specific scenario on a plane. The plot plays out like this: the flight attendant asks whether there's a doctor onboard to help with a medical emergency ... and the kids imagine what their father/parents would say in response to such a scenario. 

The "baba/mama" shame game is real, and here's what it looks like:

1. On reminding kids that they're under accomplished

2. On writing for a living

3. On becoming a community manager

4. On generating memes for fun

5. On computer scientists

6. On the struggle of being a graphic designer

7. On formally learning the ins & outs of finance

8. On web-comic artists suffering just the same

9. On statements like "walla that should've been you"