Huda Quhshi has opened the first women-only beauty salon in New York, catering to hijab-wearing women. 

The beauty salon, found in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge, called Le' Jemalik (for your beauty) opened on the 29th of January. The idea stemmed from Quhshi's own experiences as a veiled woman, just trying to find a decent place for a haircut. 

“I once decided to go to a salon and when a man walked in I had to throw my head scarf over my wet hair and run to a back room,” she told The New York Post. 

And she's not the only one who gets treated this way at hair salons. She's heard stories of covered women being shoved into cramped spaces or refused services altogether.

Le' Jemalik is a safe haven for "women of all faiths, races and ethnicities," Quhshi shared. 

Quhshi's main aim is for women to come in and feel completely at ease, and for that reason has gone to great lengths to secure that. Her salon has an opaque revolving door and views from the outside are blocked.

While the salon does offer basic services such as make up, hair, waxing and the like, La' Jemalik also provides henna and halal nails and eyebrow shaping.

Quhshi wants to have a wide range of commodities to give women something they can't get anywhere else "because of their religion."

According to the Huffington Post, Le' Jemalik even sells wedding dresses and offers regular tutorials for beauty gurus looking to strengthen their skills.