Every once in a while a new app proves to be one we can't do without. We think ArabMojis  is one of these.

Our only regret is that the ArabMojis, or Arabic Emojis, aren't exactly emoticons. They are clip art-like images. You need to paste images into your chat-box and you can think of them as a hybrid between photos and the smileys you're used to on Facebook and Whatsapp.

But we're willing to overlook this small inconvenience because the graphics in ArabMojis are fresh, and they integrate common Arab expressions in a way that is clever, ironic and funny. We think one ArabMoji is more interesting and valuable than all the emoticons we're used to combined. No jokes!

Here are 11 times we think ArabMojis will take chats with your Arab friends to a hilarious new level.

1. Start your convos with bells and whistles, Arab style

2. The times you needed to make your 'Thank You' extra special

3. Ain't nothing like an Arab celebration

Arab emojis

4. #ArabTiming...you gotta own it

Arab Emojis

5. The times you didn't know how to take a compliment

Arab Emojis emoticons

6. And the times you wanted to be an jerk about it

Arab emoticons emojis

7. The times you wanted to drop a hilarious pop culture reference

8. Again with the compliments

9. And "well wishes"

10. Maskhara is the name of our game, from morning to night

Arab emoticons emojis

11. Eid Mubarak, everyone!

Arab emoticons emojis