Following NASA's big announcement last week that it had discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star in a solar system just 39 light years away, the American Space agency asked Twitter for name suggestions.

Three of these planets are "firmly located in the habitable zone," NASA said, meaning they orbit the parent star in an area where they are most likely to have liquid water, a vital resource for sustaining life. 

Astronomers (and a lot of ordinary people) are excited to say the least. This is the first time that humans have discovered so many Earth-like planets orbiting a single star.

Of course, throughout the Arab world, people are excited as well. And Arabs took to Twitter to share their name suggestions with NASA.

The oh-so patriotic Saudi ...

And the patriotic Egyptian?

This guy is TOO funny

And the Disney fan, of course

Hmm. Try harder?

We choose Saturday ...

Can we get a Kanye as well?

Are those your seven cousins?

We don't understand. Are you ordering bizarre fast food or naming planets?

This guy made a pessimistic point

#ClimateChange #Trump

And this important question ...