Over the weekend, Naomi Campbell was spotted in Lebanon. 

According to Annahar, the British supermodel was in Beirut to attend a close friend's wedding and is going to stay in the city for a few days. 

Even though her visit is the main piece of information that was shared and reported by several local sites, it's not all that caught our attention. 

What else did? 

People's hilarious reactions to the news.  

Campbell is in Beirut and people don't really care

A few sarcastically commented on posts about her visit

"We can now consider our country part of the developed world... good for you Lebanese people, good for you!" 

"So what!"

"Ya lateef... all is well in our country now"

Others seemed to care a bit though

Some expressed their love for the model

A few even shared a story she had posted on social media

"Ahla w sahla b Naomi"