Nablus is located approximately 60 kilometers north of Jerusalem. It is considered a vital commercial and cultural center in Palestine and remains to be the largest Palestinian city between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Famous for its soap and knafeh, the old city in the occupied West Bank has a lot to offer.

Ramadan in Palestine is something else, and Nablus is a great place where you can spend it and also celebrate Eid.  

Here's why: 

When you talk about Nablus you talk about mouthwatering sweets

The densely populated old city is famous for its colorful markets

Khan al-Tujjar. 

Ramadan just adds to the beauty of the old city

In the heart of Nablus lies the old city, with its shops, Turkish baths, pottery and textile workshops. 

If this is not eye-candy, we don't know what is

Qatayef in all shapes and sizes!

So much flavors and aromas; it's basically heaven on Earth for foodies

Just look at this!


No iftar is complete without ice-cold carob juice or tamarind.

And of course, the Queen of the table

Her Majesty, the Queen of Palestine and the Levant, the famous Knafeh of Nablus. 

In Ramadan many people in Palestine and the Middle East dress in traditional attire. Aren't these two just adorable?

Eid is on the way and Nablus is getting ready!

Now you know why we love Nablus!