Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decided to celebrate Harmony Day (the country's national day for celebrating diversity) on Mar 21 by watering down the race-hate laws in the country. 

Turnbull said the government will remove the words “offend, insult and humiliate” from the country's Racial Discrimination Act. 

They will now be replaced with the words "harass, intimidate" - a move he believes will protect people's ability to speak freely.

But, the change also makes race-hate claims much harder to prove in court.

Soon after the announcement, Australian columnist Adam Liaw shared his own heartbreaking story via a series of tweets

Australian author and journalist Benjamin Law then caught the series of tweets and asked people in the country to share their stories under the #FreedomOfSpeech hashtag. 

Islamophobia has also made its way to Australia and Muslims have their own stories to share. 

Non-Muslim Arabs have dealt with their fair share of hate as well.

Their stories are truly heartbreaking. 

1. Is this not insulting? Humiliating? Offensive?

2. Some were told to go "back to the desert"

3. At just nine-years-old ...

4. "Too many times to count"

5. "I had a guy yell at me for wearing the hijab"

6. "I was called a bloody Muslim"

7. People's misconceptions have stirred a lot of hate

8. Some have even bought into the horrific stereotypes

9. Some were asked if they even "speak English"

10. Some are afraid of Arab families because they're huge and may "take over Australia"

11. Racial discrimination is not absent from job interviews either