The Shariah friendly, a social media site adhering to Muslim values, officially launched just this past June and already has announced its first marriage.

"We wish the couple happiness. We emphasize that the platform is a good place to connect with people, and a good place to find [a] life partner," Ahmed Elkaoud, PR manager at the site, told StepFeed.

Abdullah Rashed, who hails from an unspecified Gulf state, and Hana Rahman, a Canadian citizen of Pakistani origins, met through the website's “Find your Partner” feature. MuslimFace also funded its first marriage, additionally paying for the couple's honeymoon to Turkey and the cities of Mecca and Madinah.

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Already hosting some 300,000 users, the site was established by Muslim entrepreneurs Shoaib Fadie and Rohail Amin M. Shoaib. The website is available in 10 languages and users must submit a request to join, which is then evaluated by a moderator.

"We began developing Muslimface based on feedback from many Muslims who were members of other social networks, even as they were exposed to anti-Islamic and non-Shariah compliant content, like sexual images, alcohol consumption and generally blasphemous sentiment," Shoaib said.

Registered in the United Kingdom, Muslim Face is open to individuals of any religion so long as they are willing to conform to the site's adherence to Shariah law and structure based on the Hadith and the Quran.

With at least one happy couple so far, it appears their is definitely an online market to be tapped.