Another day, another problematic tweet making the rounds on the Muslim Twitterverse.

This time around, the tweet in question targets Muslim women who don't wear the Islamic hijab yet fast for Ramadan. As per usual, Twitter users were quick to criticize the woman behind the tweet and set the facts straight with responses that range from the seriously informative to the savagely sarcastic.

While Ramadan is supposed to center on promoting spirituality and fostering kindness, some Muslims often share unsolicited advice regarding how other Muslims should observe the holy month.

For instance, a Twitter user who identifies herself by her first name, Shayma, posted a tweet last week in which she suggested that women cannot fast unless they wear the hijab.

"How can you fast but not wear a hijab?" she asked. 

After facing severe backlash over the tweet, Shayma wrote that "people need to calm down" because she was simply asking a question. She also retweeted someone's clarification of her own tweet, writing that Shayma's question implied women should wear the hijab while fasting the "same way you can't pray without wearing a hijab."

It seems like some people agree with Shayma's viewpoint

But others called her out for shaming Muslim women who don't wear the hijab

And for defeating the purpose of Ramadan

The responses were rather sarcastic

Fasting Minus Hijab 101

"Wearing a hijab doesn't determine whether or not you're a Muslim"

It's not "just a question"

"To leave one does not mean you should leave the other"

"Is this another Islam I am not familiar with?"

"Ive heard that men do it all the time"

It's safe to say her question was answered

Ramadan resolution: Minding one's business