Ever felt like listening to music but couldn't exactly figure out what song to play? If yes, then join the club. The amount of tracks permeating both online and off often leaves us incessantly hitting the next button with no idea what to pick out.

Things have become less complicated, though, thanks to playlist curators like Topsify that are creatively categorizing tracks and helping us learn about new music without going on a treasure hunt from one website to another. 

Sorted-out playlists have become an essential part of life for music listeners across the globe and for good reason. 

So next time you're completely clueless over what to play next, leave it to a cool playlist to help you do all the following at once: 

1. Discover new music

Playlists feature songs put together in themes or based on popularity or genre ... and that's a basic explanation of what they are.

When you click on one, any one, a random one, you're bound to come across tracks you've never heard before but belonging to genres you're familiar with. 

Think of a time when people had to actually get up, go out, and look for records to expose themselves to new music, then relish in the era of playlists. 

2. Find tracks that are based on your taste and listening history

Listening to music via streaming applications means we're constantly feeding information into a system that generates playlists based on our very specific interests. 

Your listening history and the playlists you create yourself also play into this digitization method that ultimately allows you to find new tracks you'll like. 

Bored of your music? Never again.

3. Rock your next holiday event or house party

Gone are the days when we used to fret about what to play to please our guests and keep them entertained. 

Now, party playlists exist for nearly every holiday and occasion, so it's pretty easy to light up every bash you host. 

4. Open up to tracks you could've missed

With the number of tracks being released across the globe every single day, it's not that difficult to miss out on incredible music. 

Enter playlists. The entity in the form of, you guessed it, lists that'll help you catch up on what's topping charts and trending. 

5. Explore underground and indie music

It's not only popular tracks that make it to playlists. The latter have also become a great tool for the discovery of up-and-coming musicians. 

Topsify, available on streaming apps, features underground and indie gems for every music-lover out there. Heard of Ali Gatie? No? Maybe it's time you do. 

6. Keep yourself entertained as you navigate your day

Whether you're working, studying, training, running errands, or just driving around, a playlist can make your day so much better with the tap of a finger. 

What's not to love about that?