In the Saharan desert town of Ourrzazate, an ambitious plan became a reality when Morocco turned on the first phase of what will become the world's largest solar power plant.

This initial phase, Noor I, is made up of 500,000 curved mirrors, which absorb the sunlight and mix it in a pipe with chemicals that lead to energy to sustain 650,000 locals for a little longer than half a day.


Once the project is completed by 2018, it will generate almost 600 megawatts and cover 6,000 acres.


The solar plant is one part of the kingdom's plan to meet 42 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

Morocco enjoys immense amounts of sunlight per year; however, even at night, the mirrors are able to store the sunlight and sustain the energy.


The plant received $3.9 billion in funding thus far, with about $1 billion coming from a German investment bank and $400 million from the World Bank.

Of course, we are ecstatic to hear such news, and we hope the rest of the Arab world will follow sooner than later!