From Jordan's Queen Rania to Dubai's Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Arab royals are known for their sublime sense of fashion. 

But, when it comes to fashion, queens, princes and princesses often steal the spotlight, and we forget about the most fashionable king in the region: Mohammed VI of Morocco. 

You don't have to look twice at the Moroccan king to notice that he is not your typical head of state. When he's not donning the traditional Moroccan garb or a professional suit, King Mohammed rocks fashionable outfits that are often bursting with daring prints and colors.  

The 53-year-old king takes royal fashion to a whole new level ... and these pictures prove it:

It's all about statement blazers ... from colorful patterns

Moroccan King
King Mohammed (right) with Moroccan-Swedish record producer RedOne Source: Facebook/RedOne

This photo went viral last December when Moroccan-Swedish music producer and singer Nadir Khayat, also known as RedOne, shared it on Facebook. 

Fans commended the king's cool and stylish outfit, with some users calling him the "king of fashion" and the "coolest king ever". 

I mean, just look at him, he can easily pass off as some big shot in the music industry. 

To crocodile leather

The king made headlines for putting his unique style on full display during his recent official tour of Africa. He flaunted modern outfits inspired by hip-hop and rock stars, but still, he didn't shy away from traditional African prints and Moroccan embroidery.  

The king celebrates African heritage with bold prints

Last month, King Mohammed visited African fashion designer Pathé O ... 

Can we please take a moment to contemplate the shoes he was wearing? 

Get your fashion inspo here: African pants + denim shirt

Here's a fashion tip inspired by King Mohammed: Match Western fashion items with traditional garments to create the ultimate look.  

Some royal swag right here

Even in professional attire, the king's style doesn't go unnoticed

Morocco's King Mohammad
Source: Facebook

Hipster sunglasses FTW

King Mohammed, who has a PhD in law, has been ruling the Kingdom of Morocco since the death of his father, King Hassan II, in 1999.