Mona Iraqi, a controversial TV host, was given a six-month jail sentence last week by an Old Cairo misdemeanors court for defamation and dissemination of false news.

The court also ordered Iraqi to pay a 10,000 pound fine after publicly accusing men of engaging in homosexual acts and spreading HIV.

Iraqi filmed a police raid on a Cairo hammam on her show "El Mestakhabi" (The Hidden Secrets).

Following the incident, which occurred in December 2014, Iraqi was criticized by LGBT and human rights activists from around the world.

According to Egyptian Streets, after the show aired and arrests were made, 26 men were charged and tried for "debauchery" and "running a place that organizes paid sexual orgies."

While there is no law in the Egyptian penal code criminalizing homosexuality, Egyptian authorities often charge individuals in the LGBT community in Egypt with debauchery and inciting public immorality, leading to prison sentences of 3 to 5 years.