If you thought tournaments in the Arab world are confined to sports and other competitive games, we're here to prove you wrong. 

Because when it comes to bizarre ideas, no group can compete with Arabs.

From donkey marathons to goat beauty pageants, here's proof that some of the weirdest tournaments of all time take place in the region: 

1. The goat beauty pageant (Saudi Arabia)

Goat pageants are held in cities across Saudi Arabia on a yearly basis and see thousands of goat and sheep owners take part. 

The animals are judged on their physical features, including their height and the size of their eyes. 

The most popular of these competitions often takes place in the country's Al Najd area.

2. Yet another goat beauty contest (UAE)

In 2014, a beauty pageant for goats was held as part of the UAE's Al Dhafra Festival. 

At the time, tens of participants took part in the event, which was organized under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. 

3. The donkey marathon (Egypt)

Donkey marathons are quite the thing in Egypt, and often take place in several of the country's governorates. The events usually see participants race each other while riding donkeys. 

The latest donkey race to go viral online was held in Cairo's Al Barajeel area and included 35 participants. 

4. The donkey race like no other (Lebanon)

Lebanon's very own donkey race has been held annually since 1964 in a village located in Jezzine. 

The competition sees tens of participants race each other on donkey back and winners always make local headlines. 

5. The hookah battle (Egypt)

In 2014, this one of a kind competition caused quite the stir in Egypt. 

At the time, its organizers announced it under the name "Hookah Battle," and explained it would take place over the period of two days.

Winners of the competition would have been eligible to take part in a "Shisha World Cup" event, which was set to be held in Russia. 

However, things didn't go so well, as the country's Ministry of Health cancelled it a day after it first launched. 

6. The most beautiful cow competition (Morocco)

Yep, this is a legit competition that takes place in Morocco and sees hundreds of cows compete for the title of "Most beautiful cow." 

It's a quite popular pageant that has been organized and held in the country for years

7. The falcon race (Saudi Arabia)

In 2019, a record of 1,723 falcons raced one another in a Saudi tournament that entered the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Considered the largest falcon racing competition, the contest included a 400-meter competition, and an additional 13 cup rounds to determine the overall flying winner. It also saw the crowning of the "best-looking bird."

8. The camel beauty pageant (Saudi Arabia)

Camel beauty pageants are very popular in Saudi Arabia and take place across the kingdom. 

The most popular of them is one that's annually held as part of Mahrajan Al Aibil - The King Abdulaziz Camel Festival.

As part of the contest, camels are judged on the length of their lashes, size of their eyes and head, shape of their lips, length of the neck, as well as roundness, height, and placement of the hump. 

The event features thousands of competitors who hope to win huge prizes. In previous years, the competition got so intense, some participants resorted to injecting camels with Botox to give them a better chance at winning.