Legendary Muslim American boxer Mike Tyson will announce the launch of his international fitness academy franchise in Dubai next month.

The former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion revealed the upcoming press conference through social media this week, saying: "I'll be in Dubai May 4th for [a] press conference to announce a new international business venture."

Tyson will host the press conference at Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa. He said he chose Dubai because it has "established itself on the world map by hosting many leading sports events and icons," according to Gulf News.

"There is definitely a niche in this market for a fitness center that is associated with quality and driven by a hard-core, challenging philosophy like mine," the legendary boxer said.

"I strive to maintain consistency across all my centers with trainers that have been certified by me as well as exceptional training staff who will be on site to ensure a certain benchmark is maintained," he said.

While Dubai is the location of the launch, the Mike Tyson Academy will also have centers all around the world. 

The academy will open its doors throughout the Middle East, Australia, France, West Africa and China. But Tyson seems exceptionally excited about the centers set to open in the Arab world. 

"I am positive this is going to be only the beginning of a long running, successful association between myself and the region," he said, according to The National.

Tyson previously visited Dubai in 2013. He performed his one-man show Undisputed Truth, which was directed by fellow American Spike Lee.

In an interview with The National to promote the show, Tyson said he'd visited a couple of Arab countries before.

"I have been to the Gulf before and visited Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Mecca," he said.

He also talked about his Muslim faith and how he feels closer to his religion within the region.

"Whenever I come to the Middle East, I become more God-conscious because I don’t always make my prayers and here you are reminded with the calls to prayer. I am very aware when I come here," he said.