The Emirati development giant Meraas Holding has announced the launch of The Green Planet, the first bio-dome in the Middle East to encompass an entire man-made tropical forest.

Meraas is behind many of Dubai's developments and some of its most innovative leisure and entertainment facilities such as The Dome Box, the first dome theater with a 360-degree screen in the region .

Its latest mega-project, which is set to open in the first half of 2016, will be located at City Walk, one of the company's multiple retail and entertainment districts.

Through creating a tropical ecosystem with the biodiversity of more than 3,000 plants and animals, The Green Planet will offer visitors the magical experience of being in the tropics.

The bio-dome will include a green canopy that will cover the rich tropical vegetation, in order to recreate the natural habitat of a variety of different species. It will also include the largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree in the world, which will reach a height of 25 meters.

In line with the mission of becoming both an educational and recreational facility, the bio-dome will feature exhibitions and displays that will allow visitors the chance to explore the tropical environment through personalized encounters with the various plants and animals inhabiting it.

Moreover, Meraas aims to go one step forward with the educational element of the project, by integrating experiences that will teach visitors about the fragility of the environment and the importance of protecting it.

Through the entertaining and immersive experience The Green Planet will offer visitors, Meraas is hoping to increase environmental awareness in the Middle East and inspire visitors to respect nature and care about its inhabitants.

The bio-dome will create an unrivaled phenomenon that will "appeal to nature lovers and explorers of all ages while providing educational insights on the delicate balance of nature on Planet Earth," according to Dubai Chronicle .

"It is built around the desire to contribute to environmental consciousness in the region. As part of this priority, The Green Planet will aim to not only impress visitors with a novel green oasis in the city, but at the same time ensure that they enjoy an up-close educational and fun experience."