Mexican-Lebanese singer, producer and pole dancer Blu Fiefer is here to break ground with her unique music, style and performances. 

Each track featured in her recently released debut extended play (EP) record The Prelude is a testament to that. 

Speaking to StepFeed, the artist told us more about the inspiration behind her music, her debut EP and her upcoming projects.

On early beginnings and inspirations

Fiefer knew she wanted to pursue a career in music at an early age and took the first step towards launching her career during her teenage years. 

"I dropped out of school when I was 14 to pursue a degree in Music in London. I guess that could be considered the first step in my career. I spent years exploring what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it and who I wanted to be as a person and artist, which eventually led to the introduction that is my debut EP 'The Prelude.'"

When asked what drew her to music and inspired her to pursue it as a career, she explained: 

"What I like about music specifically is storytelling; how you can write a song while expressing something that can be cathartic in a way but that also might reach so many different people in so many different ways and they can relate it to their lives."

On her Mexican-Lebanese heritage

When asked about the role her heritage played in her life and career, Fiefer said: 

"An important part of my development was coming to terms with the fact that even though I'm half Mexican, half Lebanese, and I sing mainly in English in a style that isn't traditional to either nationality, it doesn’t make me less Lebanese or Mexican."

"Global pop culture impacted my direction. I think that many members of the Lebanese diaspora specifically may relate to this 'identity crisis'. My single, 'Girl's Gotta Eat,' marks the first time I directly addressed my 'heritage', if you will, in my music. The song features several lines in Spanish and Arabic," she added.

On being a game changer and facing obstacles

In addition to being a singer and producer, Fiefer is also a pole-dancer and often incorporates it in her performances.

"When I lived in London, I went to this grungy strip club and I was so fascinated by the girls on stage. How strong they are despite the demeaning perception. How fabulously they carried themselves. And then I became obsessed with pole dancing as an art form. Its another layer of storytelling that I use in my shows."

We also asked Fiefer to share some of the obstacles and challenges she faced while building her career.

"Being an independent artist anywhere is very challenging, let alone being an English artist in a mainly Arabic-driven music industry where you have to build your own lane. But I’m very grateful to be independent and still have all my released songs and my EP hit number 1 on iTunes. We're a small bunch, but we're going strong," she told us.

On her EP release and future projects

On Jan.11, Fiefer dropped her debut EP The Prelude and is going to celebrate its release in a concert set to be held in Beirut on Jan. 26.  

"It feels like I've spent all my career prepping for this first step, which is putting out my debut EP. I wrote it, recorded in my bedroom, and co-produced it with Jana Saleh. The Prelude means opening act and I really think this music serves as an appetizer to my story. 

Also, one of the best parts of my job is the shows. I love curating every part of the audiences experience, and I always look forward to the pole dancing section of the show. So much adrenaline," she said.

When asked to share the most difficult part of creating her debut EP, Feifer added: 

"The hardest part after years of making the EP was actually deciding to put it out independently. It's really hard to let go of something like that. But I'm looking forward to seeing how it takes form once it's out for people to hear."

On her message to young Arab artists

When asked to share a message with young Arab artists everywhere, Fiefer said: 

"To completely immerse yourself in what you do and to fight tooth and nail for what you love and believe in. Perseverance and self-sufficiency are key."

You can book tickets to Blu Fiefer's EP release concert via this link

Click here to purchase and download The Prelude.

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