In a parallel universe, Kim Kardashian strolls the streets of Aleppo and treats herself to some mouthwatering mushabak, Kylie and Kendall Jenner chill out with the cast of Bab al-Hara, while Freddie Mercury satisfies his salt cravings with some mukassarat.

That's the universe visualized by Syrian-Armenian artist Stephany Sanossian, who often adds an Arab twist to Western pop culture references and creates photos that are as humorous as they are expressive. 

To combat images of war and destruction often associated with the country, Sanossian recently created a photo series capturing some celebrities wearing their Met Gala 2019 costumes in the streets of Syria.

Stephany Sanossian

Speaking to StepFeed, Sanossian said she aims to portray Syria in a new lens and remind the world of the country's beauty. 

"What first sparked my interest is the hope to change people's perception about my country's identity and culture," she explained. 

She also expressed her love for Middle Eastern culture and heritage, noting that she tries to reflect these feelings in her art. She said:

"I just want to display Syria the way I see it. It is important for me to make people stop associating gloominess and sadness with images of Syria, and replace these sentiments with humor and beauty.

Showing Syria in an alternative lens is a good way to talk about the country. Our architecture is beautiful, why not share it with the world?"

Here's a look at the photos:

The real inspiration behind Kim Kardashian's 'wet' look: Luqaimat dripping in syrup

Stephany Sanossian

Ultimate Met Gala after-party venue: Bakdash ice cream parlor

Stephany Sanossian

Anna Wintour was definitely fantasizing about 'baklava' all night

Stephany Sanossian

Billy Porter is totally in his element

Stephany Sanossian

Wandering through Damascus is Celine Dion's favorite pastime. True story.

Stephany Sanossian

Meet Stephany Sanossian

The 27-year-old freelance graphic designer holds a master's degree in Research for Design and Innovation from ELISAVA institute and works with Tendencias TV in Spain.

She is also the co-founder of "Live Love Armenia," a social media platform sharing the beauty of Armenia and showcasing Armenian talent, in hopes of connecting members of the diaspora with their homeland. 

From Disney princesses to Arab icons, Sanossian constantly adds a creative touch to real life references.

"I aim to almost always integrate humor into my work, simply because I would like to offer a different perspective," she explained.

Visit her page to view more of her work.