On Friday, Kensington Palace announced that British royal Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and retired actress Meghan Markle plan to visit Morocco later this month. 

The couple will touch down in Morocco, for the first time, towards the end of February; they plan to advocate for girls' education and youth empowerment. 

"The Duke and Duchess are looking forward to the visit which will highlight the vital roles that girls' education and youth empowerment are playing in, and shaping, modern Morocco," a spokesperson told People Magazine.

In 2016, Michelle Obama wrote an article for CNN in which she highlights Morocco's high drop-out rates among girls. Only "14 percent of girls in rural Morocco attend high school" she wrote.

The trip also plans to "build on the close relationship between the U.K. and Morocco."

The visit is at the request of Her Majesty's Government.

"The Sussex are coming to the motherland"

The excitement is on

Some people expressed their concern over Markle's pregnancy

Markle is expected to give birth this spring. The 37-year-old said she is due in late April, meaning she will go into her eighth month at the time of the trip to the North African country.

"Power couple"

The royals aren't the only "public figures" to step foot in Morocco

In October 2018, American actress Halle Berry visited Morocco and made sure to document her stay on social media. 

The Hollywood star made it out to the North African country to film the third installment of "John Wick" - an action thriller film featuring Keanu Reeves and set to be released in 2019. The 52-year-old shared photos of her stay as she embraced Moroccan culture to the core.

Madonna marked her 60th birthday in Marrakech

In August 2018, Madonna, aka the Queen of Pop, marked her 60th birthday in style and spent the days leading up to the big day in the Moroccan city of Marrakech. 

More recently, Chrissy Teigen admitted she just couldn't resist Moroccan food

In January, American model and cook Chrissy Teigen fell deeply in love with  Moroccan food, so much so that she gained 7 pounds (3.2 kilograms) in less than three days.

Teigen was in Morocco for a photoshoot which she described as a "top secret project."

Will Smith flaunted his dance moves in Morocco pretty energetically

In March 2017, Will Smith visited Morocco and got his groove on to some North African beats. 

In a video posted online at the time, the Fresh Prince was seen moving his hips to a Gnawa group playing the qraqab, a castanet-like instrument. He wore a shashia, a hat worn by Gnawa performers.