Middle East Airlines ... we've all flown on this airline many times before. If you haven't, you really are missing out on a lot. Because some of the most epic things happen when flying with MEA.

MEA, which is the national carrier of Lebanon, just released a new safety video ... and it showcases the best of Lebanon in the most creative way possible.

It's not just your ordinary boring safety video that takes place in an airline. No, this video delivers the safety features almost entirely outside of the plane, showcasing a bit of the amazing beauty Lebanon has to offer. And it's awesome!

Starting with a walk in Lebanon's beautiful mountains...


Moving on to show the snow...


To using Jeita Grotto as the backdrop to deliver the no-smoking policy

no smoking

And of course, Lebanon's beautiful ruins make an appearance... just for some dabke


And to tell passengers about the airlines' exit seating


The video does not fail to showcase Beirut's famous Pigeon's Rock ...




This safety video is one that I'd watch a million times. (Confession: I have already)