This week, Saudi Arabia's King Salman appointed his son and current defense minister - Mohammed bin Salman - as crown prince of the kingdom. 

The news was met with excitement from many - with several hashtags trending on Twitter in celebration of MBS's new position. 

Of course, it wasn't just your ordinary Saudi nationals welcoming MBS via social media. 

Burger franchise McDonalds joined in, sending its very own royal tribute to the crown prince. 

McDonald KSA pledged allegiance to the crown prince via a tweet that has since been making the rounds online, garnering over 650 retweets at the time of writing.  

"We pay homage to his royal highness Mohammed bin Salman. We promise loyalty and obedience on the Quran. We pray God safeguards our kingdom's security, stability and safety," the tweet says.

Of course, following the tweet many took the time to comment on the situation ... with puns leading the conversation.

Welcome to the McRoyale family

Where Big Mac's are all we've got

Always good to have "Big Mac's and Ronald McDonald behind you"

Then there were those ...

Other franchises followed suit including Burger King

And Dominos

And Jan Burger too!

And many are still waiting on KFC ...