Saudi students studying outside the kingdom are in celebration mode. This is because, on Wednesday, King Salman approved a decision to grant each of them a $2,000 dollar reward. 

The Saudi monarch approved the move after his son, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who is currently on an official trip to the U.S., submitted a recommendation for it. 

In his statement on the matter, the country's Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmad Al Eissa, confirmed the decision and also revealed wonderful news for those studying abroad at their own expense. 

In one of two tweets he posted on Twitter, he explained that students currently paying for their studies abroad will now be included in the kingdom's international scholarship schemes, which pay for all expenses related to an individual's studies. 

"Our leaders are also extending their assistance to students studying abroad at their own expense, who are compliant with the international scholarship scheme's rules. They will now be added to the program," Al Eissa wrote

The news is breaking Saudi Twitter

Just hours after the news started making the rounds online, Saudi tweeps launched a hashtag through which thousands are now celebrating the decision. 

Many are super excited over the news...

To say the least

Everyone is getting patriotic

Students in the kingdom are googling one thing now

"How do I become an international student."

Happy dance videos are taking over Saudi Twitter

There are so many of them...

"Everybody dance now"

International students are hailing the kingdom's rulers

Especially MBS...

"Mashallah... mabrook"

"This is just in time for spring break."