MBC's Ola Al Fares has not been suspended from the channel over a controversial tweet which was deemed offensive to Saudi Arabia. 

Speaking to StepFeed, trusted sources at the network refuted circulating reports on the matter, saying there is no truth to them. 

Late on Thursday, several media outlets reported that the TV presenter was suspended from the channel, where she co-presents weekly show 'MBC in a week,' and the news widely circulated on social media.

This came after the media personality sparked controversy for sharing a tweet in which she said Arabs will only condemn Trump’s Jerusalem announcement for a day then quickly move on. 

Here's how the controversy played out online: 

First Al Fares tweeted this out...

"Trump didn't choose this specific time to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital for no reason. After he visited us, it' became certain that Arabs will condemn his declaration tonight, and tomorrow sing 'Hala Bil Khamis!'"

Amid intense backlash, the TV presenter then posted an edited version of the tweet

"Trump didn't choose this specific time to declare Jerusalem as Israel's capital for no reason... tonight we condemn his decision, tomorrow we sing 'Hala Bil Khamis!'"

Because her words had clearly been misunderstood

"I edited my first tweet because people misunderstood what I meant." 

She also posted a clarification on the matter

"I advise the people who are trying to create an issue out of this by misconstruing my words to tweet against Trump's hurtful decision. I hope you tweet out under the hashtag: 'Saudi Arabia's statement stands up for Jerusalem,' because the kingdom's statement is honorable and will surely be followed with action."

However, many continued to attack Al Fares

"I'd like to make it clear to you that even if you tweet a thousand or a million more tweets, your truth is out and you're not to be trusted anymore."

While others stood up for her